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If you have benefited from the training you have received through the Structured Writing manuals, please email us at: testimonies@structuredwriting.com

Here is what some of Laura George's students have said about their experience with Structured Writing thus far ...


Before we began using Structured Writing, our daughter, though quite creative and imaginative, struggled greatly as she tried to place her thoughts and ideas on paper, and I was not able to find the words or the way to teach her. Through the step-by-step approach of Structured Writing, our daughter could see a paragraph develop one sentence at a time in a clear, organized way. The unique color-coding of topic sentences and support ideas was the true key that unlocked the door for her because, as a visual learner, she could truly see her thoughts becoming organized as she "built" a paragraph and later, a long paper. Her confidence soared, and her writing improved with each assignment. Laura provides excellent guidance and encouragement throughout the study, and she removes the fear and the mystery that all too often shrouds academic writing. Laura is a gifted teacher, and Structured Writing is her gift to homeschool families.

Linda Koval, Prosper, Texas


I was stymied when we got to high school writing. Through the course, Structured Writing, I found confidence in teaching writing and even grading my studentsí "masterpieces." My two oldest children are now in college and have aced the classes of English composition or have tested out of these classes. Thanks, Laura George, for creating Structured Writing and for your heartís desire to equip parents and teachers to effectively teach writing.

Eileen Chapman, Richardson, Texas


Heading into college I found that I was unsure of many of the new challenges before me. I was required to attend some core English composition classes. As I embarked on these classes, I soon realized that my training through Structured Writing had paid off. I often found myself miles ahead of the other students, feeling as though a thesis sentence and well-structured paragraph were elementary. I came to the conclusion that I had taken my knowledge for granted as I watched many of my fellow students trying to obtain basic academic writing skills I had learned years ago.

Connie Chapman, student at University of North Texas


As a homeschool student merging into the atmosphere of public school life, I felt I have had a great advantage in my English classes throughout 8th grade and high school because of the writing instructions I received as a young student. Structured Writing helped me understand the structure of paragraphs, essays, and research papers. Throughout all the gifted and talented classes I have chosen to take during my student career, I have remained on the academic top as a result of my ability to write and write effectively. The Structured Writing program has definitely made my success in the literary world possible.

Kristen George, student at Coppell High School, Coppell, Texas



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