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Welcome to the Structured Writing method of teaching academic writing. The Structured Writing method defines academic writing as writing that is controlled by one idea or position and is used for explaining, defining, categorizing, persuading, informing, comparing, and/or describing.

This curriculum is college preparatory and best suited for middle school and high school students. However, parts of the curriculum are appropriate for younger students. Structured Writing is such a complete approach to teaching academic writing that it is the only writing curriculum you will ever need. Once you begin teaching Structured Writing, you will teach it every year until your student graduates. In fact, your student may likely take the student manual to college as a ready writing reference book!

Structured Writing presents a unique, successful method for teaching academic writing that will take you and your student from the single paragraph assignment to the multi-paragraph paper, building a foundation for future writing as you go. If you have experienced difficulty teaching your student or students how to write effective paragraphs and/or papers, then the Structured Writing curriculum is designed for you.

The Structured Writing method takes the position that a student will best understand writing as a whole if given a simple method for relating different types of writing to each other. The basic paragraph unit of the Structured Writing method was developed for this purpose. The basic paragraph unit allows the student to understand paragraphing in its simplest, most concrete form, providing a reference and foundation upon which more complex writing can be built and developed. This unit, once mastered, becomes a ready reference point for any writing assignment, from the simple, basic paragraph to a classic five-paragraph theme paper, and then finally, other types of multi-paragraph papers.

The basic paragraph unit as a reference unit is one of two major discoveries that makes the Structured Writing method more concrete and systematic than other writing programs. The other discovery is color-coding. All paragraphs in Structured Writing are color-coded. Color-coding allows the student to "see" the different parts of a paragraph and how the parts fit together to make a whole. Since the student is soon able to relate information going into paragraphs by color and structure, the writing process becomes much more concrete and doable. Thus, much of the fear of the writing process itself is removed.

Structured Writing is designed to teach the how-to-dos behind the what-to-dos in the world of expository writing. This method is step-by-step, user friendly, concrete, and addresses writing as a separate subject, not an occasional assignment. Structured Writing is designed to help you, the teacher, know and understand not only what to teach your student or students, but how to teach them. 

Laura George, Author of Structured Writing


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